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Raid Shadow Legends Bot | Download today - Raid Auto Farming
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Raid Shadow Legends Farm Bot

The Best Farm Bot for Raid Shadow Legends (RSL). Raid Bot levels up automatically and plays for you.

Raid shadow legends mobile bot autoplayer Raid shadow legends mobile bot

Farm bot for Raid Shadow Legends

Are you tired of missing out dailys or capping on your energy in Raid Shadow Legends? Tired of waking up at night just to not fall behind in leveling? Well thats why we made this bot for Raid Shadow Legends!

This bot will be the perfect tool for you to finally take some time off, let the bot do the heavy grinding and spend more time on other stuff! So when you off to work/school or just go to sleep, this bot will keep doing whats needed for you! Its simply to setup, you use it from your computer using this emulator (click here).

Raid bot Demo

Run Campaigns

Choose diffrent difficulities, stages and number of times to run them!

Run Dungeons

Run Dungeons, choose diffrent stages and number of times to run them!

Auto grab shards

Grab shards from the Portal!

Sparring pit bot

Makes sure you you dont miss a upgrade in the Sparring Pit!

Auto grab bonuses

Grabs Playtime bonuses!

Auto grab free shop shards

Grabs the free shards from the shop, both green and blue!

Save money

It's MUCH cheaper to purchase this bot than to purchase your progress ingame.

Sell accounts

Did you know you can sell your accounts? And actually earn money on this bot!

Save time

Don't waste your time while at work or in school. The raid bot plays for you!